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Who are we?

We are Key West Angling.Key West Angling was founded by the Holeman Brothers, Captain Travis and Captain Bryan “Bear” Holeman.  After many seasons traveling and developing our skills on the professional saltwater redfish and tournament circuits of the Southeast’s major fisheries from Texas to the Florida Keys, it became clear Key West was home.  Our experiences and passion for providing world class angling experiences translates directly into a fun and educational fish catching experience for all.  Now it’s your turn to discover the majesty, beauty and awesome fishing of the Florida Keys with us!

How do we fish?

See Fish, Catch Fish.Sight fishing is by far the most rewarding style for fly fisherman and spin anglers alike. In the Florida Keys you can expect to have the most visual and exciting eats anywhere! Our turquoise tropical waters present daily opportunities that become addicting and can only be satisfied by the next shot. As you spend time with Capt Travis, Capt Bear, or one of our crew you will ultimately become a better angler. Our everyday knowledge of the local area, fish migrations and biology ensures we provide the opportunity for you to create that smile and photo to hang on the wall. If you’re a seasoned angler we can help move you to the next level.

Want to know more?

The Holeman Brothers have been seen over the last decade on OLN, Versus, CNN, Outdoor Channel, WFN, Sun Sports, FSN, ESPN2, The Fly Fishing Film Tour, are on the World Angling crew and much, much more.  The duo is accomplished in all areas of angling.  Utilizing competition to hone and develop a fishing “6th sense” that can only be obtained by having spent thousands of hours on the water, both are fun loving and bring a level of trust and communication that helps them stay on the fish, providing their anglers with the best opportunity possible! Click on each of their links for a quick personal note and get to know us better! Also, don’t hesitate to call directly if you need specific information.

Travis here! Life has been a total blast so far! I am very thankful for every experience and opportunity. Nothing stands in my way when I decide what I want to accomplish and most days that is having a good time or creating and learning something new! Years ago I had an accident that caused me to rethink my life plan! What if tomorrow never happens? Perpetual reflection on the “what if” has shaped my outlook and mindset. My goal is to help as many people as I can enjoy their life, wasting no time along the way! So off with the suit and into a boat I went over a decade ago! Living life on my own terms, focused on being the best all around angler I could be no matter the method! Everything I have done since 2000 from boat building, guiding to numerous IGFA world records, to tournament angling has been to increase my knowledge ultimately enabling me to help others achieve their dreams. For me life is about giving back!


It is my personal goal to leave everything I touch a little better than when it came to me either through design, education or just appreciating the moment! Deep within all I want to do is create smiles and memories! Life is short, full of mystery and every person has a story to tell and I want to hear yours with a rod in your hand!


All my best,

Master Captain Travis Holeman

 Capt. Bryan “Bear” Holeman is fun loving and super fishy. His larger than life personality and jovial attitude make him a blast to fish with, as evidenced by his numerous repeat anglers. If you’re looking for a guide that doesn’t ooze the super serious “Keys guide” mentality he’s your man. Bear as described by Jose Wejebe host of Spanish Fly on the Outdoor Channel; “Bryan Holeman, Bear as his friends know him… butt kickingly big…fish catching… gun shooting… hillbilly son of a gun! That’s my buddy Bear.” (Contact Capt Bryan at 727-452-6917)


Don’t just take our word for it. Yeah, we love to catch fish as much as the next guy. But when it comes to guiding, our main objective is to help everyone who fishes with us achieve their dreams. And here’s what some of our clients have to say about that:

The first day I fished with Capt. Travis we got out to our first flat, set up my fly rod for some permit fishing. He started poling me and in no time a school of about 15 to 20 permit were heading right at us.  Travis said “2 o’clock,” I saw the tails in the water and air… made my shot! As my fly hit the water, the front of that school moved closer to where my fly landed (about 6 feet short of the school), I started stripping as directed and there was the eat. This kid from Colorado did what every trout fisherman does-  TROUT SET!!!!  I was a little disappointed in myself, but Travis reassured me that we would have more shots at permit and we did.


Fishing with Travis is like fishing with friend that you have fished with for years.  I have fished with Travis many times since that first day and we always have fun. When I head out fishing with Travis, I always learn something new.


I also had the chance to fish with Travis and Bear together in Louisiana (that was the best day on the water). The two of them are the most fun to fish with. I have friends that ask me who to fish with in the Florida Keys or Louisiana and I always say Capt. Travis Holeman. He started out as my guide that I hired, now I can say that he is my guide and friend.

Matt Weiler (Dillon, MT)

I can’t say enough about Travis as guide and as a person.  In a nut shell, the guy is good and fun! That’s what it’s all about- being on fish AND fun also…hard to beat! On and off the boat, one is never bored and will constantly learn from him.  From poons, to permit and bones bring your ‘A game’ to handle all the shots and opportunities he will generate for ya.  He defines the word Mojo (one has to be fishy and fun!). Travis could probably be a movie star, but us fly addicts are glad that sharing the waters and fisheries in Key West and Lousianna with us is his life’s passion.  The yearly booked days with him are like waiting for Xmas as a kid.

John (Charleston, SC)